Ranked Ladder

General Ladder Info:

  • UConn Club Racquetball can send 2 teams, composed of 8 men and 8 women each, to each tournament. That totals to 16 men and 16 women that can attend each tournament.
  • Who can attend the tournaments is determined by ladder position. The top 16 players on the mens and womens ladders get first choice to attend, and only if they can’t make it can the next in line on each ladder decide to attend or not. (EX: Two men within the top 16 cannot make it to a tournament so the men ranked 17 and 18 have the option to attend)
  • Ladder position will also determine what division you play in at tournaments. As a general rule, higher ranked players on each team play in higher/harder divisions.

Challenge Matches: Moving Up or Down the Ladder

  • To move up the ladder you challenge team members above you in a full match. If you win you take their spot and bump them down one along with whoever is ranked in between the two originally.
  • Players ranked 1-4 can only challenge one rank above them.
  • Players ranked 5-8 can challenge up to two ranks above them.
  • Players ranked 9+ can challenge up to three ranks above them.
  • Challenge matches will be best of 3 games. The first two games will be first to 15 points. If necessary, the third game, or tiebreaker, will be first to 11 points. The winner of the match is the player who wins two games.
  • There will be 3 timeouts allowed for each of the first two games in a match, and 2 timeouts allowed for tiebreakers. Timeouts are thirty seconds, and it is up to the players in the match to time each other to make sure this thirty second limit is not exceeded.
  • A player can only play two challenge matches per practice, of which one is a challenge they issue and the other is a challenge received. This is to make sure there is available court time for other players.  Exceptions will be made at the discretion of a team officer at practice.
  • Players can request a challenge at any time by simply talking to or messaging the other player.
  • You must inform a team officer when you plan on challenging another player so we can quickly update the ladder when it is finished and maybe attend to officially ref.
  • All challenge matches are played in chronological order, if you receive a challenge you must play that one before you participate in any challenge received after that point.
  • Your challenge will be null and void if the player you challenged moves up past your reach due to the results of a previous challenge match. For example, if you are #11 and you challenge #8, and #8 has a prior challenge against #7 that he wins, then you can no longer challenge this person since he is not within three ranks above you. But you can challenge the new #8 for their spot.
  • You have 3 full days to respond to a challenge.  If there is no response the challenger automatically moves up.  Exceptions will be made if there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Everyone should aim to play two challenge matches a week to keep the ladder as accurate as possible and stay ready for tournaments.

Changes in Rank

  • If the challenge match is won by the defender, no change in rank is made.
  • If the challenge match is won by the challenger, they take over the defender’s spot, and the defender and all players between him and the challenger will move down a spot. For example, if #14 wins a challenge match against #11, #14 becomes the new #11, and #11 becomes #12 and everyone between them originally moves down a rank.

Other Rules

  • You may only issue a challenge to the same person more than once between tournaments if you beat them and then they challenge and beat a person above you. 
  • Challenge matches can occur outside of practice as long as both players agree and the scores are reported by both players.
  • Any player unable to complete a challenge match due to injury will be moved to the bottom of the ladder and allowed a free challenge once they are healthy

Ladder Tournament

  • The ladder tournament is held in the first month of each season (usually September) to decide the initial rankings of the tournament players.
  • The tournament is round robin format – everyone will play everyone.
  • Each matchup will consist of one game to 11 points (no win by two).
  • The starting serves for each game will be decided as follows: For the first game, each player stands at the back of the court and hits a regular shot against the front wall. The player who is able to land the ball on its first bounce closest to the solid middle line (the one between the dashed line and the other solid line) gets the choice of serve. They may either choose to serve or defer the serve to their opponent. The server from the first game will start off receiving during the second game.
  • One thirty-second timeout per game in a ladder tournament game is allowed.
  • The points accumulated from all of the tournament matchups will be totaled for each player, and these sums will determine the rankings of the players at the end of the tournament.

Doubles Ladder

  • Uses the singles ladder to determine pairings. (Ex: #1 and #2 play together, #3 and #4, etc.)
  • This is true unless all 4 members affected agree to a pairing switch.